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Post  Absolut on Sun Mar 28, 2010 12:06 pm

This post to see the group's schedule and state of motse for each team

I think use our 2 motse: against Serbia (twice?) or at home with the avantage to play at home to boost our random, it means one motse for Romania in round 7 and for our last match round 10 against Serbia.
It's just a reflection, who can variate and be adapted if the situation needs an adaption to play our motses.
We'll see others results and ranking in group 7 round after round but the good new is than Serbia and Romania used one motse eachone for beginning in round 1 and we can hope they will use their second motse in comingback match in Romania.

Then the question: who can motse us?
I think Norway......but if they want to be best second, their interest is to motse Romania or Serbia, but I doubt Norway will motse one of this two big teams, we'll see.....
Wales has no more motse they used thair motse in friendly like I said.
New Zealand? I don't know?? perhaps they 'll use one motse against us but I think not twice.

Journée 1 26/03/2010 Serbie 1 vs 0 Roumanie (motse vs motse)
Journée 1 26/03/2010 Norvège 0 vs 0 Nouvelle-Zélande
Journée 1 26/03/2010 Malte 2 vs 0 Pays de Galles (wales used 2 motse in friendly)

Journée 2 16/04/2010 Roumanie vs Malte
Journée 2 16/04/2010 Nouvelle-Zélande vs Serbie
Journée 2 16/04/2010 Pays de Galles vs Norvège

Journée 3 23/04/2010 Malte vs Nouvelle-Zélande
Journée 3 23/04/2010 Serbie vs Norvège
Journée 3 23/04/2010 Roumanie vs Pays de Galles

Journée 4 30/04/2010 Pays de Galles vs Serbie
Journée 4 30/04/2010 Norvège vs Malte
Journée 4 30/04/2010 Roumanie vs Nouvelle-Zélande

Journée 5 07/05/2010 Serbie vs Malte
Journée 5 07/05/2010 Norvège vs Roumanie
Journée 5 07/05/2010 Nouvelle-Zélande vs Pays de Galles

Journée 6 14/05/2010 Roumanie vs Serbie
Journée 6 14/05/2010 Nouvelle-Zélande vs Norvège
Journée 6 14/05/2010 Pays de Galles vs Malte

Journée 7 21/05/2010 Malte vs Roumanie first Malta motse ?
Journée 7 21/05/2010 Serbie vs Nouvelle-Zélande
Journée 7 21/05/2010 Norvège vs Pays de Galles

Journée 8 28/05/2010 Nouvelle-Zélande vs Malte
Journée 8 28/05/2010 Norvège vs Serbie
Journée 8 28/05/2010 Pays de Galles vs Roumanie

Journée 9 04/06/2010 Serbie vs Pays de Galles
Journée 9 04/06/2010 Malte vs Norvège
Journée 9 04/06/2010 Nouvelle-Zélande vs Roumanie

Journée 10 11/06/2010 Malte vs Serbie second Malta motse?
Journée 10 11/06/2010 Roumanie vs Norvège
Journée 10 11/06/2010 Pays de Galles vs Nouvelle-Zélande


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