Talk about PM: Tools of help for the management of your club

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Talk about PM: Tools of help for the management of your club Empty Talk about PM: Tools of help for the management of your club

Post  Absolut on Sun Jan 24, 2010 12:56 am


This topic is making to list tools certified by the administrators of PM whom you can use like help in the management of your club and in the tactical options for the matches.

Do you know P Manager team?
it's a tool created by my friend ultrajoe, French manager of the team named "As Comiques".

you can select the language
Pmanager Team is the first tool for the on line game Planetarium Manager.

Thanks to XML feeds, you can download your team infos (PMDD certified). You will be able to compare your players, generate starting eleven
automatically, obtain informations about your starting eleven so that you
can see if you are able to gain the bonuses.

To find the bests players in your team, an estimation of your players is
made by two formulas:- TSI (Total Skill Index) which use primary, secondary and physical skills.
- USI (Ultrajoe Skill Index) which use TSI, experience, form and fitness.

This tool is for new players and for confirmed managers. It will help you
a lot in choosing the best team for your games.


A new program: Training predictor
Training Predictor is a program to forecast training for your team, but also for individual players you might want to buy. It gives the remaining training for this season. Forecasts for the age’s of 21 (for u21 teams) and 23. You can also predict x seasons ahead

this program is developed by Cageman a Holland manager


Well did you knew these programs? and did you use them?

I use P manager team who is a good program, I didn't know training predictor who is a new program in PM.


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